Dinka songs from South Sudan

Agaar Children's Songs

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    Agaar (Agaar cluster)

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    A Collection of Dinka Songs

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    unidentified (singer, child)

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    Peter Malek Ayuel Ring

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    Some of these songs are educational songs for children. Some are sung to little babies in the cattle camps or in the villages, especially when mothers are busy with work and the babies want them near them. In this case, the song will be sung in a sweet voice to lull the baby to sleep. Some songs are sung by children when they are playing in the moonlight, or when they are playing in the vicinity of the homesteads during the day. Some are songs that describe behaviour of a certain animal such as monkey or a rabbit.Some songs refer to something valuable that a child might have lost and will be sung while searching for it. Finally, some songs are sung when children are gathering wild fruit or when fishing in a nearby stream.

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African Harmony: *Rhythmic harmony is used here in the form of the minor third interval (although not recognized as such by the musicians/vocalists themselves)

Posted by Daniel Jones, Researcher on 31/03/2019 03:03:00