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Touch Radio 012: Jacob Kirkegaard - Eldfjall live at Observatori Festival, Valencia, 6th November 2005

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    Iceland (pre-recorded material); Valencia, Spain (concert performance)

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    Kirkegaard, Jacob, 1975- (producer, recordist)

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    Touch Radio: 'Recordings of subtle volcanic vibrations in the earth around the area of Krisuvik, Geysir and Myvatn in Iceland. These very condensed and rhythmical trembling sounds from inside of the earth were captured using accelerometers (high-sensitive contact microphones). The accelerometers were placed below the surface of the earth at various places around the geysers. Here they picked up sonic characteristics of volcanic activity right below the surface of the earth.' Jacob Kirkegaard: 'The sounds I here perform with were recorded in two ways: with an acoustic microphone and with an accelerometer. For the acoustic recordings I used a Sanken CSS-5 which I held very closely to the tiny bubbling surface. The accelerometer was inserted approximately 4 cm into the earth and picked up a denser timbre than the acoustic microphone. As opposed to the Eldfjall CD release (where I chose to let the sounds stand by themselves), I here mixed the different sounds with each other to create a more organic sound and a narrative. I began the concert with creaking ice from different lakes in Iceland. These were also recorded with accelerometers. None of the sounds have been processed.' Programme first published on Touch Radio website, 8th January 2006.

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