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Vulpes vulpes : Red Fox - Canidae

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    W1CDR0001493 BD9

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  • Recording locations

    Rye Grove, Windelsham, Surrey: OS Grid Reference(493500,163500)

  • Recordist

    Williams, Aubrey John

  • Species

    Red Fox, Vulpes vulpes

  • Description

    This recording features the screams of a Red Fox recorded at Rye Grove, Surrey. One of the most recognisable British mammals, the fox is a common visitor to gardens and farmland, and can be found in almost every habitat. It is a highly adaptable species, scavenging on whatever food is available, and even venturing into towns and cities for scraps. It is extremely opportunistic and feeds on everything from small mammals, earthworms, and grain to the contents of rubbish bins. The reddish coat of the fox is very variable, but most individuals have a conspicuous white tip to the tail. It also produces a very characteristic, musky scent and will mark prominent sites within its territory, such as tussocks of grass or junctions of paths, with faeces and this ‘foxy’ smell. It produces a wide range of sounds, and the male is at its most vocal during the mating season in January and February, when it produces a bark or chilling scream. The rhythmic whine of the cubs may also be heard in early summer when they start to emerge from the den. The fox is considered a pest by many due to its habit of surplus killing. Although often blamed for killing lambs, foxes more often feed on the afterbirth or on young which are already dead.

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