Mardall, June. (3 of 10). National Life Story Collection: Architects' Lives

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    2001-08-08 and 2001-10-08

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    Interviewee's home in London

  • Interviewees

    Mardall, June, 1920- (speaker, female)

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    Brodie, Louise (speaker, female)

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    Part 3. June Mardall [JM] had been to Paris and then to Brittany to learn French. Story of running off to Switzerland with a man and being fetched back. She was bored with the family and adventurous too. Discussion of marriage to David Bosenquet was a student, his family had a castle in Scotland, got married in 1941. She left him after a few years. JMs friends were those who went to Mount House in 1939. Lived with Philip Powell, Geoffrey Powell, Neville Conder, Barbara Priestley, Jean Conder, (Moya) Lady Cox, wife of Tony. The first house was called Fairholt, the other they nicknamed Taliesin. It was very educational, lots of talk. It allowed her to grow up. The course was not so good due to the war, they got through it in four years. Freddie Gibberd taught, Dick Shepherd too, and Samuely on structures. DS was very fierce, had polio and was aggressive. Samuely was difficult to understand. Broadbent was a brilliant student. It was fun, they skated on the pond during the hard winter. JM didn't enjoy the first years of architecture due to her poor drawing. Pam Villar went right through the AA with JM. Father knew somebody who had a works in Shoe Lane, to reproduce posters - a processing plant for advertising, and there were 7 different processes. JM did a new building for him, for her thesis, never kept the drawings. Finished at the AA in 1943. JM did one holiday job in Wareham. She was sitting on Chesil Beach when war broke out. She was married in 1943 so she didn't have to be called up. She could choose to work either for TP Bennett or Edward Mills. She didn't like TPBs architecture, so chose EM and his work at May and Baker at Dagenham. First lived in digs and later in a hostel in Kensington. Job was nice though hours were long. Factory for 5000, worked on buildings for making drugs for the army. She worked on the canteen, remembers correcting all the dimensions. She was slowly getting ill with a chronic appendix. She designed some concrete slabs for EM, only person who knew how to do it. EM was very nice. She was there for about 18 months. Got a job with Freddie Gibberd working with steel frame houses after the war. Didn't enjoy this very much but got really ill after about a year. She had met Cyril in 1944, and moved in with him as soon as she came out of hospital. This was in 1945 having had to wait for 4 months for the operation although she went privately. That is when she started to work for herself.

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