Mardall, June. (8 of 10). National Life Story Collection: Architects' Lives

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    2001-08-08 and 2001-10-08

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    Interviewee's home in London

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    Mardall, June, 1920- (speaker, female)

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    Brodie, Louise (speaker, female)

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    Part 8. Books were used but never made her any money, quite enjoyed doing them Never knew who got her the jobs. Cyril retired from YRM in 1976. He did not discuss his work with JM really, she learnt a lot from him in the beginning. Worked together for the first time after he retired. All the jobs were abroad, in Finland Ireland and the West Indies. To the West Indies (St Martin) they went out for a month during four years. Didn't make a lot of money out of it, but it was great fun. What was meant to be 300 houses, ended up as being about 22. They took no advice about preventing worms, termites. The houses were built in Holland. Worked on the conversion of a plantation house into a restaurant too. Job in Finland was more Cyrils, prefab for a timber firm. The work in Ireland was through Fenn, more like consultancy, drawings for houses in Dublin. Private developments of blocks of flats. Cyril did more of that too. In the 80s JM had trouble with her sight, and had cataracts done at an early age. Didn't go back to drawing much after that. In 1984 Cyril, aged 74, had heart valve operation, which was very successful for ten years. Bought a motor boat, found it very boring. Went to Finland through the canals Only 22 feet long. Brought the boat back the next summer. Boat designed and built in Jersey. After Cyril died June Mardall [JM] bought another similar but with two engines, mostly used as a houseboat. Cyril died in 1994, daughter came to help JM nurse him. His heart slowly gave out. Kept the boat at Lymington for a couple of years before selling. Going across the channel they used to take the children, or down to Bordeaux. Motor boats are so noisy and the vibration can be unpleasant. When they went to St Martins they were paid for, and put up (1970s), brief description of houses. Discussion of locals in St Martins and their clients. JM did a bungalow at Brentford for a solicitor and his wife JM ended up hating clients unless they were an organisation Building people's own houses was horrible because nothing is ever right and they mind so much. Sometimes husband and wife don't agree which is terrible These flats in Bermondsey were to accommodate Finnish staff She did a lot of little jobs. Training at the AA during the war was bad and short. To start with one didn't have much idea of the Modern Movement . For Gibberd she did steel houses as everybody else in the room was, had to draw awful complicated little bits of steel Furnished a house for Lord Woolton, quite fun. 1943 or 4. Wanted small furniture and went to Peter Jones for second hand stuff Lord Woolton came and did a parade around with people in tow. To prove what the government wanted. This was a steel frame show house.

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