Fry, Anthony. (25 of 32). National Life Story Collection: Artists' Lives

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    Fry, Anthony (speaker, male)

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    Courtney, Cathy (speaker, female)

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    Part 25. Mentions Jimmy Goldsmith’s brother Teddy Goldsmith; magazine on the environment at the Landseer Studios; comments on Shirli Scott James [SCJ] and her group of friends and Anthony Fry’s [AF]; SCJ’s affect on AF’s painting. Comments on Kenneth Clark [KC]; go to Saltwood Castle; KC knew Roger Fry; AF good relationship with KC; comments on KC’s wife Colette [CC] being an alcoholic and their relationship; KC and CC role as grandparents to Sam. Comments on relationship with son Sam; remarks on Sam’s education and childhood; Sam was dyslexic; went to special school for dyslexics; Sam’s profession as cook, long stint at River Café. Sam’s restaurant in Islington with Mark Sainsbury (‘Moro’s’). Remarks on Clark side of the family. More on relationship with Sam; Sam married woman named Sam Clarke (Samantha). Sam’s relationship with AF’s other children (Lucy and Wilde). Comments on Wilde’s childhood and personality, education; recalls brief anecdote about Wilde attending school on Greek island owned by Francis Noel-Baker. Then Wilde sent to school in north of England; Wilde’s travels in Thailand, India, Australia, Burma. Wilde as photographer; AF’s relationship with him; Sabrina Fry [SF] as Wilde’s mother since age of 3; SF worked for Alistair Maclean; AF met SF because she was friend of AF’s cousin Jeremy. Comments of SF’s affect on AF’s painting, her background. Comments on SF’s mother who was an excellent painter (their name was Carver) and her family. Brief discussion of AF’s politics, how he votes; mentions that he voted for Thatcher her second term. More on first meeting SF through cousin Jeremy; AF thought SF was a lesbian. Description of their relationship. Remarks on SF’s grandmother; her travels in Morocco; married rich Moroccan. Comments on Harum Winterbottom friend of Jeremy Fry’s who told SF’s father all about AF; AF was 43, SF was 23.

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