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Chong Huang, Tay (10 of 30) Oral History of Wolff Olins.

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    2002-01-25; 2002-03-12; 2002-04-12; 2002-09-12; 2002-09-16; 2002-10-01

  • Is part of (Collection)

    Oral History of Wolff Olins

  • Recording locations

    Wolff Olins offices, London

  • Interviewees

    Chong Huang, Tay, 1952- (speaker, male)

  • Interviewers

    Roberts, Melanie (speaker, female)

  • Abstract

    Part 10: Tape 5 (10719) Side B: TCH describes being given a bow tie and taught how to tie it by Henrion- Describing corporate identity at Henrion being what he imagined but towards end becoming too prescribed under new management- Joining Samson Tyrrell as a senior designer- TCH looking for shorter term projects such as exhibitions and brochures- Again Samson Tyrrell small but with good turnover; very easy going- Joining in 1982/3 and staying for eighteen months- Pitching against WO for Sinclair job- Not getting job but Samson so pleased with proposal that team got surprise bonus- Comparing company cultures feels that Henrion Design Associates was more like Wolff Olins in terms of its family feeling as well as its desire for quality- Samson saying company could only grow through getting good people- Talks about TCH setting up a company with the other two designers as Samson Tyrrell not prestigious enough before the expansion- Explains how ST built its reputation before they were bought by WPP- Enjoying working for them- Own company called Tay Walker Izard- Alex le Pott coming to Samson Tyrrell as freelancer and suggesting WO looking for senior designers and that Tay should phone Val Allam- Describes complexity of phoning from office about new jobs in pre-technology days- Perception of Wolff Olins as nirvana but dangerous too as they were the first to make people redundant- TWI doing small scale freelance work in the evenings- Bought TCH out after he had worked for a year for Wolff Olins- Living in North London- Experienced at looking after children through extended family- Feelings about marriage-

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