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Thompson, Paul (8 of 22).  Oral History of Oral History

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    2012-11-22, 2013-03-11, 2013-05-23, 2013-07-12, 2013-08-13, 2013-09-18, 2014-09-01, 2014-12-02, 2015-04-28, 2016-03-31

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    British Library, London (Tracks 1-20) Poplar (Tracks 21-22)

  • Interviewees

    Thompson, Paul, 1935- (speaker, male)

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    Wilkinson, Robert (speaker, male)

  • Abstract

    Part 8: Revised document about the OHS – disagreement between Paul and Theo Barker over the future of oral history. Differences in approach between them. Paul wrote to David Lance about an article that had been doubly published. Letter from Tony Green in April 1975 about the conference in Leeds. Briefly talks about contact with Ruth Finnegan. Christopher Storm Clark gave notice of his resignation. Paul talks more on the direction of the Society. [12:30] Letter from Raphael about concerns re the Leeds conference and suggesting speakers with a broad approach. Correspondence with David Lance - various matters including editing an issue of Oral History. Letter from Theo Barker about a successor Secretary – suggests David Lance. Eric Cregeen asked about a possible Secretary. Paul not keen on David Lance as Secretary. Letter read from John Saville asking Paul to change his mind about David Lance. Letter from Theo to Patrick Saul with concerns about BIRS not creating the sound archive and having no oral history in the Development Plan. [27:00] Colin Bundy [then at Manchester Polytechnic] agreed in the end to be Secretary. 11th April (1975?) meeting -membership was 292 in two years. Mention of David Edge who had been doing research using oral history on radio astronomy since 1945. Paul queries this date. Raph Samuel objected to this as it was not about social life. Paul mentions the importance of Manchester in oral history at this time particularly Bill Williams. [34:14] International connections - Paul went to Johns Hopkins University in Autumn 1972 for four months and met oral historians in the US. Met Louis Starr at Columbia Oral History Office. Issues around his attendance at 1972 conference. !979 at Essex was first proper OH international conference. Bologna conference in 1976 was mainly Italian presenters and not only oral history. But numbering of the conferences retrospectively included Bologna as the first. [38:00] Letter from David Shapiro to Theo Barker of the Libraries Advisory Council about the problems at BIRS wanting information. Letter from Mary Girling re differential rates of membership would be confusing – advocated a membership drive. October/November meeting discussed a session on teaching. Letter of resignation from David Lance. Letter from John Saville talking about regional groups being formed like Manchester. Setting up of a campaign committee. Paul refers to a discussion with Mary Girling about the treasurer’s work and her feeling overwhelmed. Theo has resigned and John is Acting Chairman in April 1976. Christopher Storm Clark is present. 1977 conference to be held in Edinburgh.1976 Conference in Manchester Polytechnic – list of speakers. In April 1976 there were 341 members.

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    Life story interview with Paul Thompson, co-founder of National Life Stories.

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