Oral history of British science

Number of items in collection: 1685

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In this unique collection of biographical interviews scientists, engineers and technologists reflect on their early life and background, their career and their involvement in the course of UK science in the twentieth century. Many of the interviews were undertaken as part of the project An Oral History of British Science, a national collection of interviews with over 100 leading UK scientists and engineers, telling the stories of some of the most remarkable scientific and engineering discoveries of the past century as well as the personal stories of each individual. Over 1000 hours of unedited interviews are made available in full on this website, while the Voices of Science web resource offers curated access to audio and video highlights from the interviews organised by theme, discipline and interviewee.

Oral history recordings provide valuable first-hand testimony of the past.  The views and opinions expressed in oral history interviews are those of the interviewees, who describe events from their own perspective.  The interviews are historical documents and their language, tone and content might in some cases reflect attitudes that could cause offence in today’s society.

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