Taylor, Teddy (2 of 4).  The History of Parliament Oral History Project

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    Interviewee's home, Southend on Sea

  • Interviewees

    Taylor, Teddy, 1937-2017 (speaker, male)

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    Freeman, James (speaker, male)

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    Part 2: Joined Conservatives because of Grammar schools Comments on Conservatives and debating society at University [0:53] Description of Glasgow Parliamentary debating society, met in Christian Institute. [02:34] Story about being asked by Alec Hatton to be council candidate for the Progressive Party at 21. [04:50] Story about telling the University Conservatives of candidature. [05:50] Remarks on relationship with University Conservatives. [6:45] Description of local election campaign in Townhead. [9:00] Story of By-Election campaign in Cowlairs. [10:42] Remarks on standing for election. [11:13] Story about selection for parliamentary candidate and parliamentary campaign. [14:13] Remarks on family’s opinion of political involvement. [14:40] Description of political meetings at Townhead and Springburn. [15:50] Story of standing for council for Cathcart [16:36] Comments on work as a councillor and ward. [17:16] Comments on nastiness in Cathcart politics and restoring majority. [18:30] Description of employers and union colleagues’ reaction to TT’s election. [20:15] Story of selection for parliamentary seat and campaign in 1964. [22:13] Story of going to Parliament for the first time, problems of low salary and finding somewhere to live, and feelings on winning, arguments over strategy and campaign team, and excitement in the constituency. [24:58] Remarks on joining Thatcher’s shadow cabinet and devolution. [25:40] Remarks on losing the seat and political ‘crusade.’ [26:45] Comments on EEC, selling council houses and grammar schools. [29:00] Comments on beginning parliament, and working constituency surgery. [33:10] Remarks on relationship with local councils and handling casework. [36:17] Comments on relationship with local associations and constituency activity. [39:09] Stories about visiting MPs. [41:00] Comments on experiences of campaigning and press. [42:46] Comments on anti-devolution campaign’s impact on Cathcart seat. [43:45] Remarks on shadow cabinet. [46:20] Story about Margaret Thatcher phoning TT to commiserate loss of TT Cathcart seat in 1979. [47:14] Story of standing for Southend. [49:10] Remarks on reaction of constituency party and election. [50:30] Comments about family moving to Southend. [51:26] Comments on loosing Cathcart seat and Party class image [53:55] Comments on Margaret Thatcher’s popularity and policies. [56:08] Story about argument between TT and Margaret Thatcher over treaty. [56:49] Comments about time out of cabinet during 1980s. [57:00] Comments on resigning from Heath’s cabinet and on TT’s relationship with Ted Heath and John Major. [59:06] Remarks on Ted Heath’s election and policy on Common Market.

  • Description

    Life story interview with Sir Edward MacMillan Taylor (1937-2017), former Conservative Member of Parliament.

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