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    Colin Huehns fieldwork recordings

  • Recording locations

    Khapulu, Baltistan, Northern Areas, Pakistan

  • Performers

    Ali, Akbar (dadan - bass drum), Ali, Strong (damal - set of two small kettledrums), Hassan, Ali (dadan - bass drum), Husain, Gulam (damal - set of two small kettledrums), Mohammad, Raja Kachu (tutek - descant recorder-type instrument)

  • Recordist

    Huehns, Colin

  • Description

    Item note: Ghazal is the name of a particular two-part musical form. Performer's note: There are two ensembles performing. Surmo Musicians are Ali (tutek - descant recorder-type instrument), Strong Ali (damal - set of two small kettledrums) and Ali Hassan (dadan - bass drum). Hassanabad Musicians are Mohammad Khan (tutek - descant recorder-type instrument), Gulam Husain (damal - set of two small kettledrums) and Akbar Ali (dadan - bass drum). During this song, the Raja of Khapulu, Kachu Mohammad plays tutek - descant recorder-type instrument.

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