Roy Palmer English Folk Music Collection

The rain came pitter-patter down

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    1CDR0010533 (copy of C1023/58)

  • Recording date

    circa 1970

  • Is part of (Collection)

    Roy Palmer collection

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  • Performers

    Bentall, Brenda (singer, female)

  • Recordist

    Bentall, Brenda [?]

  • Description

    Item notes: Fragment. Fragments of songs include: The rain came pitter-patter down.- Nelson from his monument on high in Trafalgar square.- I want to go back on the farm.- It's a long long way for a girl to go and stay, on the banks of the Saskatchewan.- Redwing.- Sweet Ramona.- Oh Johnny do not go to sea.- There was a bold fisherman who sailed out from Billingsgate.- She's mad, she's mad, she's nearly off her dot.- Beery Bob.- I am so sorry that I was set free.- Then the shell sang in the breeze sir.- Dancing so lightly, tiddly pom, tiddly pom.- Ladies and gentlemen we just want to say.- Hear the pipers calling, Jeannie mine.- Hello, hello it's a different girl again.- Goodbye little yellow bird.- My bonny Jean I do love you so.- It's nice to get up in the morning, but it's nicer to stay in bed.- Oh I do like a nice mince pie.- Oh I went into a barber's shop and what do you think I got.- Tiddlywinks the barber tried to shave his father [spoken].- Every morning early when the cock begins to crow.- Father's lost his job at the waterworks.- When the bell begins to ring we all go running about.- Every morning I meet Rosa, riding on a tramway car.- Boys of the Chelsea school, sons of the name we admire.- No charm can ever teach me to forget.- Say dearie say, when I am far away.- Who are wanting maidens able.- Those wedding bells shall not ring out, I swear it on my life.- Boys who are in the Sunday school won't leave the young hussies alone.- The usher winked at the bobby, the bobby left his seat.- When saw you last your father boy, the Roundhead captain cried.- Over the hills and far away in a village by the sea.- Oh she's sweet as summer roses.- With my long tail coat and my little top hat.- Daddy long legs.- You've got a kind face me young feller.- At school they called me fat head and I well deserved the name.- There 'neath the sweet lavender lies one little [---] shoe.- Do you want any dirty work done, any dirty work today.- Oh it ain't gonna rain no more.- If I had a donkey and he wouldn't go.- At this spot there will soon arrive a fast express.- We had to carry Carrie to the ferry.- Two's jolly fine company, three they say is none.- I like a bow-wow, a little white chow-chow.- Years ago I used to be the smartest lad in Germany.- Chin chin Chinaman muchee muchee sad.- Call up the army and the navy, call up the rank and file.- Don't go in the workhouse 'til I come home.- Mothers and daughters, fathers and sons.- The stowaway.- There in the snow lieth he low, gallant old Bugle shot by the foe.- There beneath the roar and the rattle lies a boy, a soldier boy.- Sing me a song of Bonny Scotland.- Go to sleep my baby, close your pretty eyes.- Go to sleep my little pickaninny [Mississippi shore].- The cows are in the clover, they've trampled it since morn.- I love my love because I know.- Way home in Tennessee, just try and picture me.- All the boys in our town lead a happy life.- Come and sit beside me Daddy, tell me the tale once more.- She sells sea shells on the sea shore.- Night is so lonely, day is so long.- My wife is a diet, and since she's on a diet.- My wife's gone to the country, hooray, hooray.- Someone stole my heart away, riding on a load of hay.- Christmas Eve all dark and cloudy (side one of tape ends before end of first line].- Brooklet of the mountain [?].- Little fairy weavers.- Five little mice on the pantry floor.- Mrs Pussy sleek and fat, with her kittens four.- There once was a jolly old cavalier in a bygone century.- Of Lloyd George of Criccieth and gallant Welsh Wales.- Oh the hip-hip-hippopotamus is much better than a lot of us.- Let's have a basin full of the briny.- Mickey, Mickey, tricky Mickey Mouse.-. Performance notes: Singer is apparently recalling songs learned during her childhood, from gramophone records, school, and her parents. All songs are fragments only; in some cases only the first line or first few words are remembered; therefore not catalogued individually.. Recording notes: Disortion due to over-recording

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