Klaus Wachsmann Uganda Collection

Amakondere tuning - Klaus Wachsmann Uganda Field Recordings

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    Nakanyonyi, Uganda

  • Performers

    unidentified (amakondere side-blown trumpet set))

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    Wachsmann, Klaus, 1907-1984

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    Item notes : Wachsmann's original recording no. 50.176

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Each of the two notes of 3 different amakondere trumpets are sounded in turn (a complete set would be 5 - these are the three smallest of the set). They are enjauzi, ensasi and endesi, in that order. Another (or the same) enjauzi was sounded near the end of the track. The players were almost certainly members of the the Kabaka's trumpet band which played in hockets (interlocking the pitches) to sound melodies. The higher one of the two pitches obtainable on each trumpet is sounded by opening a small hole in the narrow tip which is otherwise closed by a finger or thumb. Ref. Trowell and Wachsmann 'Tribal Crafts of Uganda' 1953, OUP) p. 356-357 for more info.

Posted by Peter Cooke, Hon. Fellow, University of Birmingham on 03/03/2010 12:52:00